Terms and Conditions


Places on each course are strictly limited and you are advised to complete and return your application form as early as possible. The enrolment is valid once receipt of the deposit has been confirmed by us in writing. Payment in full must be received by 1st June 2022. If payment is not received by this date, Our World English Schools reserves the right to cancel the student’s place on the course. If the application is accepted after 1st June, full payment must be made at this time. Once the full fee has been received students are sent further course details.

Airport Transfers

Students requesting an airport transfer will only be accepted for such if they are in possession of a valid return ticket with a specified time and date of departure. It is essential that Our World English Schools is kept informed of any changes to the student’s travel arrangements. Changes must be communicated to us in writing. We will always confirm receipt of these changes in writing. Excess baggage and Unaccompanied Minor charges will not be met by Our World English Schools. Please check with the relevant airline at the time of booking regarding arrangements for payment of airport departure tax, or any other charges which may be incurred.

Student Safety and Welfare

Students will be under the supervision of the course staff when they are off campus, except where small groups of children aged 13 and over are given permission by staff to go shopping. Permission can be given on the Parental Consent and Medical Form.  Parents must write a letter to the Head Office before the course commences, if they do not wish for such permission to be given. Several of our staff at each centre are trained in First Aid. Students will be taken to the local health centre or hospital when appropriate. Please include any relevant medical details on the application form. A separate medical questionnaire will be sent to parents to complete before the course begins.


An enrolment may be cancelled and a full refund given if, before the start of the course, the student, a parent or brother or sister suffers sudden serious illness, accident or death or if the student is not able to travel due to Covid-19. Appropriate medical certificates will be required confirming the reason for cancellation. Cancellation for any other reason, except failure to obtain a visa, will not qualify for a refund of any sort. Where a visa application fails, Our World English Schools will refund the course fees, less the deposit, upon receipt of the original documentation issued by the Entry Clearance Officer.

Student Visas

Student Visas may be required. We will be happy to provide a letter of acceptance and visa support letter to assist the student in obtaining a visa.

Visitors to the Courses

Any relative or friend who wishes to take a student out during the course must have permission of the Centre Manager or his/her deputy. The parent/guardian of the student must send a written confirmation to the Centre Manager at least 24 hours in advance before permission can be given, and such permission is at the discretion of the Centre Manager. A form of photo ID such as a passport will be required when a parent/guardian collects the student from the centre.

Promotional Materials

Our World English Schools may wish to use photographs or video images of students on the course for future promotional purposes. If parents do not wish to permit this for their children they should state this on the Parental Consent and Medical Form.


It shall be the condition of the contract between Our World English Schools and the parent/guardian that Our World English Schools shall not in any way be liable to the parent/guardian in the event that any service contracted to be supplied by Our World English Schools becomes impossible to supply due to reasons outside our control.

Personal Possessions

Students are strongly advised to hand in their passports, tickets, pocket money and valuable personal possessions to our staff and although every possible care will be taken with these items, no responsibility will be taken for the loss or theft of any item left for safe keeping.

Student Information

If incorrect information or misinformation is provided in the application to Our World English Schools, we reserve the right to ask the student(s) to leave the course. In this case, there can be no refund of the course fees.


Students are strongly advised to arrange insurance cover for personal possessions and medical treatment. Once signed, the Booking Form represents a contract between the parent/guardian and Our World English Schools Ltd and is governed by UK law.

NB: All references in the prospectus, fees and dates and booking form to Our World English Schools are an abbreviation of Our World English Schools Ltd.

Course Regulations

1. Students will be subject to the course rules. In particular, they will be required to attend all meals, lessons and arranged activities and excursions.
2. Students will be responsible for keeping their own rooms tidy.
3. All damages to property, equipment and rooms will be charged to the students and must be settled within 24 hours.
4. Consumption of alcohol by students is not permitted (note it is against the law in Britain for persons under the age of 18 to purchase alcohol). Alcohol must not be brought into the school premises by students of any age.
5. Drug-taking or suspicion of drug-taking of any kind will result in immediate dismissal.
6. Smoking is not permitted in school premises at any time.
7. Girls and boys may not enter each other’s bedrooms or other designated areas under any circumstances.
8. Students will be required to be in their rooms and to maintain silence at a certain time prescribed by the Centre Manager.
9. Bullying will not be tolerated and may, at the discretion of the Centre Manager, result in expulsion from the course.
10. Students will be expected to show courtesy to all course staff and domestic staff and to behave in a civilised manner on and off the campus.

NB: Students breaking any of the rules of the course they are attending may be dismissed within 24 hours at their own expense and without refund.